Black box drivers being made to do online courses 0

telematicsSome drivers who use a Black Box for insurance purposes may be asked to pass online tutorials. Those who are deemed ‘at risk’ will be sent tutorials by insurers asking them to complete it in order to keep premiums as low as possible.

Driver Risk Dynamics

The tutorials have been developed by Driver Risk Dynamics. The online lessons aim to improve the behaviour of drivers behind the wheel. The company has already started talks with major insurance companies who use black boxes.

Any driver who fails to complete the course will be asked to participate in further driver improvement programs such as coaching. If both methods don’t work, the driver’s premiums will increase.

Completing the online courses in any case could mean that drivers will pay less for their insurance. They would be seen as less of a risk compared to the drivers that haven’t completed the online courses.

John Newman of Driver Risk Dynamics has said that the company’s online tutorials are a ‘natural step for drivers’ who wish to improve their driving abilities and lower their insurance premiums.

Increase in Black Box technology

The use of telematics is increasing. Black Boxes are becoming increasing popular, especially amongst younger drivers. If younger drivers don’t opt to use the technology they would face a premium which would be a lot more expensive. It is able to allow insurance companies to track driving behavioural patterns in order to properly asses their premiums. These patterns measured include the speed of the driver, the manner in which they brake, their acceleration, the location in which they drive to and many more.

Enhancements to the technology

There have been suggestions in the industry that the black box technology will become even more intrusive. This could mean that your car may perform tasks such as cutting off the radio and cutting off phone calls. This will be a measure to create a safer atmosphere within the car and cut down the amount of accidents.

Some experts believe that every car within the UK will have a black box over the next few years. If drivers refuse, they may face higher insurance premiums.

Other rumours claim that the technology may enhance to the point where texts are monitored behind the wheel. Texting while driving is still a huge problem in the UK. This type of technology would certainly help to tackle the issue.