New car insurance law comes into force 0

In order to crack down on the huge number of uninsured drivers throughout the UK, a new law has been introduced. The law states that even when a car is not being driven, it must be insured. In order to avoid punishment, the car must be declared as off the road. Previously motorists had to be caught driving without insurance in order to be prosecuted.

It has been suggested that uninsured drivers cost £1.25 billion a year to other road users. The AA have said that one in every 20 cars on the road don’t have any insurance. The actual estimated number for uninsured cars on the road is 1.4 million. Other statistics that have been estimated show the real dangers of uninsured drivers. Around 160 deaths per year along with more than 23,000 injuries are caused thanks to drivers who don’t have insurance.

The AA have let their stance be known. They want to reduce uninsured drivers off Britain’s roads, claiming it’s dangerous and unfair on others. A spokesman for the AA had been quoted to have said “Desperate times may lead people to desperate measures but defrauding insurance companies is not a victimless crime because it affects all honest drivers.”

With the obvious desperate need for uninsured drivers to be kicked off the road, the new law intends to do just that. If a driver is found that is uninsured, the first penalty would be a warning letter followed by a £100 fine if the warning letter is not paid attention too. Fines of up to £1000 can also be enforced. If the fines are ignored then cars can be clamped, seized and destroyed.

Prosecution and a criminal record can be imposed for anyone who gets caught without insurance not to mention naturally having to pay more for their car insurance in the future.  The law was put into place on the 20th June but enforcement of the law is expected to start during July.

If the law imposed is successful, car insures would seemingly charge less for car insurance. Uninsured drivers are a fundamental reason for insurance increases for policy holders. Insured drivers are punished because of this, with their policy increasing by an estimated £30 a year. Motorists that were riding their luck with un-insured cars will be no more. The law intends to search and crack down every single car that is not insured, so it’s not a case if someone may get caught it’s when.

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