Survey finds London is ‘the most expensive place to run a car in the UK’ 0

Survey-finds-London-is-the-most-expensive-place-to-run-a-car-in-the-UKCar users in the capital are paying over twice as much on their vehicles for every mile they drive compared to the rest of the UK, a new survey has revealed.

Drivers in London spend £1.56 on average whereas the rest of the UK comes in at 74p.

The data also reveals that the same drivers (perhaps unsurprisingly) cover less ground in their vehicles than those in any other part of Britain. London drivers travel just 166 miles per month on average, according to the figures.

Drivers in the Midlands meanwhile, clock up a sizable 300 miles a month on average, despite only spending 62p per mile. In the North-East, on average it costs £195 to run a car, with drivers spending just 71p.

The survey, by car rental company Hiyacar, found that one in ten Londoners consider car ownership in the capital either too expensive or believe they would simply never be able to afford one.

Rob Larmour, co-founder of the company said: “The finding that Londoners spend on average 200 per cent (more)* to run a car is alarming; given how little they are being driven.

“Londoners are paying much more for the privilege of driving, at a point in time when inflation is growing higher than wages, further squeezing consumers.”


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