The Crash-for Cash-dilemma 0

Car-crashWe’ve all heard of the cash-for-crash insurance fraud epidemic sweeping the nation. Innocent drivers everywhere are falling victim to these fraudsters! Is there anything you can do to protect yourself?

The problem

It will not come as a surprise to you that there is a nationwide clampdown on crash-for-cash scammers.

In one of most high profile cases, three men who deliberately caused a crash on the A40, Buckinghamshire, in which a woman died, were sentenced to 10 years each. But there are dozens of examples of cash-for-crash scams. All you have to do is Google it – and those are just the scammers that have been caught.

Cash-for-crash criminals are experts at making it seem like a car accident is the other driver’s fault. One of the most common ways is to set up induced accidents.

They might suddenly slam on their brakes, forcing the driver to crash into the back of them, some even disabling the brakes lights on the vehicle. Another way is to pull out from a junction into a clear road and apply the car brakes for no reason.

A scammer will claim it was your fault and claim from your insurance company. If you are a driver, or especially if you manage multiple vehicles, you need to be aware of the equipment available to help you avoid getting scammed.

The solution

So what can you do? You need a cheap way of disputing claims – so what better way to do that than to have your every own accurate eyewitness?

In the majority of cases, people don’t come forward as witnesses to accidents – but, luckily, you can have your own.

Having a simple camera installed will give you a personal safeguard against someone else refusing to accept liability, exaggerating a claim or deliberately causing an accident.

It’s equipment like the new CrashCam, which is a camera from Blackburn-based vehicle safety specialist Vision Techniques, that can bring you real piece of mind in these situations.

CrashCam, on its own, is a forward facing recording camera, but you can also fit a second camera externally to monitor side incidents or inside to monitor cargo or passengers.

The forward facing camera is what will really help you though. If someone sets you up to crash into the back of his or her car, you have indisputable evidence that its not your fault.

With CrashCam you can…

– Prove whose fault a crash was

– Deter crash for cash fraudsters

– Protect your insurance costs