The worst places in the UK to own a car 0

the-worst-places-in-the-uk-to-own-a-carInsurers Rias have recently completed a survey revealing the worst places in the UK to be a car owner. Finishing top of the list of shame is London, by some margin. Discounting the nightmares of parking, congestion and ludicrously expensive parking permits, the survey highlighted it as a focal point for car crime. And things are expected to get worse.

The rates of car vandalism are surprising, one in three car owners have admitted to having their car vandalised whilst parked in a street in London – that’s far ahead of the next worst places (Leeds and Glasgow – both at 13%), London is also the third worst for car crime (after Manchester and Leeds), and also finishes third on the list for unsafe roads (behind Bristol and Bradford).

Rias examined the rates of car crime in Britain’s ten most populous cities and ranked them from the worst to best place to own a car, the results were:


Car crime was worst in Manchester (with 198 crimes per 10,000 cars) followed by Bradford (176), London (162), Liverpool (152), and Sheffield (122).

The top five for vandalism were: London, Leeds, Glasgow, Birmingham and Edinburgh. And the top five for unsafe roads emerged as: Bradford, Bristol, London, Leeds and Sheffield.

The clocks’ going back is also a factor. According to the figures released by Rias, over the past three years on average there has been a 78% rise in the number of motor insurance claims from the day before the clocks go back to the day after. This isn’t just a rise in car crime, because when the nights draw in earlier, more drivers have accidents whilst on the road too.

The most obvious message to car owners as a result of the survey is: never leave any valuables on display – deterring opportunistic thieves, install car security devices, and make sure your car is locked each time you leave it.

Try and leave your car in a well-lit area, as close as possible to your home, ideally off the road. Of course, as any city-dweller will tell you, that’s not always the easiest thing to do.

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