The Saab 9-3 0

Following recent revelations of Saab playing their get of jail card and surviving, photos of the new 9-3 have been released.

The car planned for release in 2013 looks to have the makings of being quite an attractive design. The Phoenix concept which was seen earlier this in March has quite a number of similarities. There appears to be a sporty influence around the vehicle from what we can make out. Despite being a saloon, the roof has quite low profile. Apparently the influence of General Motors in terms of the car’s architecture will dampen. BMW engines may be used in order for the car to distance itself away from the company’s previous owner a gain a new lease of life.

If there’s a way of Saab showing that they are looking to the future, then this is certainly it. Production has been rumoured to start very soon. That’s quite a U-Turn, considering just a couple of months ago the company was struggling to pay suppliers and staff as well as halt production.

The details of the Saab 9-3 were apparently leaked during an attempt from the company to secure their future when conducting a presentation to the European Investment Bank in 2010.

It’s quite obvious to say that Saab are clearly pinning their hopes on the car to secure them a profit in the future. They certainly need that in order to turnaround their poor financial performances of late.

The Saab 9-3 is also set to get a convertible and fastback variant, which will attract a different type of audience.

Other rumours being circulated is that of the Saab 9-1. If released, it will be a compact vehicle in the same category as the BMW 1 Series.

Is it true?

Some reports have contradicted the negative reports above and claimed that the model may never arrive. Apparently the Saab takeover deal isn’t as rosy as some people think. The company haven’t received any extra financial boost if rumours are to be believed.

When MG was revived earlier this year, a few concept car design sketches were leaked but will not be cleared for production.

Could the same situation occur for Saab? Will the 9-3 even be released? We’ll have to wait for Saab to officially confirm or deny the matter.