The Mazda 3 fastback 1

content_mazda-3-fastback-rearThe Mazda 3 fastback costs the same as the hatchback.  The car offers more style and excitement when compared to the hatchback.

Both cars have been treated to Mazda’s SkyActiv efficiency technology. Engines have been effectively made a lot more efficient rather than made to be smaller. The choices include a 2.2 litre 148 BHP engine. The aerodynamics within this particular engine make it one of the best.  Despite the engine’s large size Mazda say that it is in fact a great advantage.

In terms of performance, the car does start off slow and it takes a while for the vehicle to pick up speed. Once you hit high revs you can feel the power, with the car encouraging you to pick up speed. The drive is smooth too as are the gear changes. Overall the driver will find that the car is quite responsive. The car grips the road well with the car’s large wheels.

There isn’t too much difference in terms of the drive when comparing the hatchback and the saloon. However there is a difference in terms of the looks. The saloon looks a lot better in our opinion. It has similar dimensions to the Mazda 6.

The boot has 419 litres worth of space. That’s 55 litres more than the hatchback. The interior of the Mazda 3 fastback is very practical, with the seats able to be folded down for more space. The hatchback has more space when the seats are folded down, but the fastback does have more headroom thanks to it’s design.

3 petrol engines will be offered or a single turbocharged diesel engine. Every engine comes with a start stop facility. The entry level engine is a 99 BHP 1.5 litre petrol. It is able to achieve a brilliant 56.4 MPG which is mated to a six speed manual gearbox. The Mazda 3 fastback will emit just 119g/km of C02. Above that comes a 2.0 litre which comes in two versions of 118 BHP and 162 BHP.

The dashboard has a luxurious feel to it. It is nicely designed and has a satiate navigation system built in too.

As there is no price difference between the Mazda 3 hatchback and Sportback, many might consider going for the more stylish option. The car would also be a good option for fleets and businesses with it’s excellent MPG ratings.