The new Mazda 6 1

In just 18 months time the new Mazda 6 Saloon will be available for purchase.

Takeri Concept

It may seem like a long time to wait but fans of the car will get a sneak preview next month. The next generation will be shown at Tokyo’s Motor Show. However it won’t be officially unveiled as the new Mazda 6 but will be shown in the form of the Takeri Concept.

Sky Activ Technology

Major clues of the upcoming car’s body shape, style and technology will be on show on the Takeri. The car is said to be heavily involved with Mazda’s “Sky Activ Technology”. It’s Mazda’s way of looking to the future and keeping up with future customer demands.  Governments from all over the world are enforcing strict C02 emission laws. Motorists are demanding that their vehicles provide more fuel efficiency due to the economic downturns and the dramatic rise of expenses involving cars such as insurance and petrol.

What does Sky Activ Technology involve? Mazda cars using this type of technology will use more efficient engines, with the petrol and diesel variants consuming less fuel and delivering performance in a more effective way than before. The automatic and manual gearbox transmissions have also been made lighter. A new modular steel platform along with a new suspension system also makes the car eco friendlier and more fuel efficient. The whole car is generally made a lot lighter.

Succeed without Ford

The company has also recently split from Ford. They needed their own type of technology to succeed as an independent car manufacturer. The new Mazda 6 won’t be the first vehicle to receive Sky Activ Technology. The new Mazda CX-5 will have it implemented throughout when it is released in Spring of 2012.


The look of the Takeri has received plenty of positive reviews. It appears to look a lot more intimidating in a good way, giving away a sport type of feel but keeping its family image. Many wouldn’t disagree if you were mention that the car has a Coupe look to it. The headlights shaped differently from the current Mazda 6.

We’ll have to wait until next month to get a better understanding of what the new Mazda 6 will bring to the UK market. By the sounds of it so far, we believe it will be a spectacular car.

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