The ten most eccentric Ferraris: No.05 – The 330 GT Shooting Brake 0

The-ten-most-eccentric-Ferraris-No.05-The-330-GT-Shooting-BrakeOur look back at the Ferrari stable’s more eccentric and bizarre offerings continues today as we take time to re-examine the genuine oddity that was the…

Ferrari 330 GT Shooting Brake

First things first, it’s not the most attractive edition to emerge from the Ferrari workshop – and yes, we are including the Ferrari 400. That said, there is certainly a certain je-ne-sais-quoi about the 330’s striking appearance that defies description. The Shooting Brake is perhaps the nearest there’s been to being a Ferrari ‘estate’. The extra space in the back probably means it’s fairly practical too.

Sharing none of the bodywork with the donor 330 GT 2+2, the Shooting Brake does seem to have been influenced by a mixture of Iso, Grifo, Jaguar, Aston Martin and Maserati; albeit with a sizable rump Jennifer Lopez would be proud of.

The 630 is topped off with a 300bhp, four-litre V12 and five speed manual. It oozes cool, in a mildly odd way that’s difficult to put your finger on.

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