Volvo test new FMX truck by letting a 4-yr-old drive it 0

Ever wondered what would happen if you let a 4-year-old drive a huge truck? Well, wonder no more. Volvo has answered that thought for you.

Four-year-old Sophie... future truck driver?

Four-year-old Sophie… future truck driver?

The geniuses in Volvo’s marketing department have created a thoroughly enjoyable and watchable test drive. Meet Sophie, an extremely cute and determined four-year-old about to get her first taste of driving… via remote control, obviously.

To test just how tough the new Volvo FMX 8×6 truck really is, Volvo Trucks decided to place the most unpredictable driver at its helm; a very young child. The truck weighs around 18 tonnes, achieves 540bhp and features all-wheel-drive, so it’s a pretty impressive piece of machinery.


The Live Test features an array of obstacles set around a construction area, including cranes, swinging boxes, buildings, giant puddles, and steep hills. The idea of the test is to show how tough the new “toughest Volvo truck yet” truly is by placing it in demanding environments.

Ricard Fritz, Volvo Truck’s vice president, says: “to show what the truck can do, we want to give it a real challenge. What test driver is more reckless than an unpredictable four-year-old?” And he has a point. Sophie proves just how reckless children can be with the full 360-degree roll down a hill and smashing the truck through a building.


We hope that potential drivers aren’t hoping to use their Volvo FMX truck in exactly the same way, but we are definitely envious of those who’ll get behind the wheel. The truck proves it can withstand the harshest conditions and its newly-designed, reinforced cabin barely takes a dent.

It’s safe to say that Sophie did an excellent job demonstrating the truck’s strength, and naturally we are very jealous that we can’t drive a remote-controlled truck through an obstacle course.


I mean, who wouldn’t want to drive a giant truck through a (safe, unpopulated, empty) building?!

Click the ‘Look Who’s Driving’ video below to see the full test drive, courtesy of Volvo Truck’s YouTube account.