A look back at the Geneva Motor Show – The Renault ZOE 0

Renault made an appearance at the Geneva Motor Show with the Zoe model being displayed on their stand. It certainly helped people give a little more respect to the troubled car maker.

£13,650 after the £5,000 grant

The stunning electric vehicle will have a staggering range of 130 miles. After the Government EV grant of £5,000, the car will cost £13,650. Sales will start in October.

130 mile range

The fact the car has a range of 130 miles is in fact a new record for a production electric car. However that is only achieved when the car is being driven on the motorway in the most economical fashion possible. Driving around in the city means that the mileage will be cut down to 62 it has been estimated.

Quick charge

The battery can be charged all the way up to 80 per cent in only 30 minutes using a fast charger. It will take 9 hours to fully charge using a standard socket.

10 per cent of the market by 2020

Renault believe that the electric car market is about to take off as more motorists are being priced off the road. Fuel prices amongst road tax and other expenses are frustrating motorists with many looking to purchase something more economical in the future. Renault have predicted that by 2020 electric vehicles will count for 10 per cent of all car sales across the world with Nissan-Renault being the number one producer.

As successful as the Toyota Prius

Renault have very high hopes for the Zoe. A spokesman had spoken of the company’s desire to make it as successful as the Prius is for Toyota.

The electric motor

The Renault Zoe utilises a motor that able to produce 89 BHP and 220Nm of torque. The maximum speed when using the motor alone is just 84 MPH.

A more sophisticated driving experience

Renault aim to make the driving experience more sophisticated by introducing the new R-Link multimedia system. A number of apps can be downloaded with 50 standard ones being made available from the start.


Renault’s designers made the decision to make the Zoe look like a normal road car rather than an electric one. From the looks of it the car has an unusual stature, having the makings of a supermini but being quite tall at the same time.

A Renault spokesman said that the car is fun to drive thanks to its low weight, likening the Zoe to a Go-Kart.