A recap of the Geneva Motor Show – The Bertone Nuccio Concept 0

The Bertone Nuccio was revealed at the Geneva Motor Show this year. It is a stunning vehicle which has certainly made a great impression at the motor show.

History of Bertone

After giving away sneak previews a number of times the Nuccio was finally unveiled. Many believe that the car was worth the wait. A reason behind the wait was the fact that the car has been developed to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the company, with timing being all important. Founded back in 1912 by Giovanni Bertone. Nuccio Bertone took the helm and created two segments within the company. One is made for manufacturing named Carrozzeria and Stile Bertone for the Styling segment.

Amazing engine

The Nuccio model itself is a mid rear engine car which has rear wheel drive technology. This has been described as a sports car at the highest level. There is a 4.3 litre V8 engine that is able to produce 480 BHP. The car is 1,220 mm high, 4,800 mm in long and has a wheelbase size of 2,600 mm.

Other stops for the Bertone Nuccio

The Geneva Motor Show was not the only stop for the Nuccio. At the Beijing Motor Show in April, the Bertone Nuccio is expected to be exhibited along with the Laguna Seca, North America in August and at an Italian motor show in September in the City of Florence.

Unique looks

The car’s stunning looks are helped by the trapezoidal shaped windscreen. The nice contrast of orange on the exterior continues on the interior helping the car to look very attractive. The interior of the car also contains a good looking 26 inch LCD screen displayed at the rear of the interior. There is no need for a back window as the rear of the car is displayed here since the mid engine is positioned where the windscreen would be in view. The aluminium brushed tail pipes are also of a trapezoidal shape which is located on either side of the rear diffuser. The car was designed by Design Director, Michael Robinson.

Are there really any more questions?

In terms of the design analysis, the company did not reveal much information which did disappoint many automotive journalists at the Geneva Motor Show. However just by looking at the car, all questions are probably answered.

We can’t imagine any car like this being produced in the future driving on the UK roads. It would be pretty cool if the Bertone Nuccio did arrive here.