Aston Martin’s “skyfall” in sales 0

Aston Martin is in suffering at the moment. You would have thought that the recent blockbuster Skyfall would have had a positive effect on the company. Well it has in some ways but that may not be enough at the moment.

The company’s financial status is currently under serious strain. There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the company at the moment.

A specially built Vanquish has a lot of pressure placed on it to turn the company’s fortunes around. The car will go on sale next year. It will cost $279,995 in the United States. The main problem with the car at the moment is the amount of time that it took to be officially released. It was supposed to out at some point in the fourth quarter of 2012.

Aston Martin’s sales have fallen by 19.5 per cent between January and September. Their all-important V12 models have fallen by 56 per cent in terms of total sales. Their V8 models, which are not as expensive, have seen their sales increase by 37 per cent. It is very disappointing from Aston Martin’s point of view, seeing their more expensive and powerful model dip and allowing their lesser model to gain more of a reputation.

Aston Martin has been an excellent example of what the British Motor Industry can produce at their best. Their cars are both luxurious and powerful. The engines sound like no other. You get the best type of driving experience possible. It’s no wonder that customers have been paying big money over the years for the privilege to own an Aston Martin.

Experts put the recent decline behind changes in attitudes. Now customers want better fuel alternatives for their luxury powerful vehicles.

Take BMW for example. They recently showcased the BMW i3 and i8 at the Los Angeles Motor Show. These are prime examples of luxurious fuel efficient vehicles. The target market will be looking for vehicles such as these, powerful, premium, classy and fuel efficient. Telsa are also following the same example by offering wonderful electric vehicles.

How will Aston Martin turn it around? They would really need to start investing in more fuel efficient technology in order to compete with their rivals. The culture is changing and it has finally hit the elite brands of the motor industry.