Aston Martin chooses Wales as site for new factory 0

The sounds of the valley will now include the revving of a luxury engine… and presumably still Tom Jones.

The new Aston Martin DBX crossover will be hand built in its new factory, located on a 90 acre site in St Anthan, Wales, following a £200 million investment and fending off competition from the likes of Alabama and the Middle East.


The company confirmed the decision to start preparing the site in Wales in 2017, with the aims of starting work on the hotly anticipated DBX crossover car in 2020. The facility will run alongside Aston Martin’s headquarters and current sole production site 130 miles away in Gaydon, Warwickshire. The news of the factory comes almost exactly one year to the day after Aston Martin first revealed the DBX concept at last year’s Geneva Motor Show. There has been little news on the production since then but it is the ultimate goal to produce 5,000 of the models annually.

It’s anticipated that a potential 1,000 or more new jobs will be created across their first Gaydon site and the newly announced St Anthan plant as a result of a £200 million investment towards new products and facilities. The company even promises an additional 3,000 jobs will be secured across the supply chain. Particularly vocal about the news was British Prime Minister David Cameron, who said: “With our economic strengths and easy access to European markets, the UK automotive sector is thriving. It is one of the biggest in Europe – and the most productive – and Aston’s creation of up to 1,000 jobs in Wales and the West Midlands is welcome news.”

In a press release about the planned factory, CEO of Aston Martin Andy Palmer said: “During our 103-year history, Aston Martin has become famous for making beautiful hand-crafted cars in England. Through a detailed evaluation of over 20 potential global locations, we were consistently impressed with the focus on quality, cost and speed from the Welsh Government team. As a great British company, we look forward to St Athan joining Gaydon as our second centre of hand-crafted manufacturing excellence.”