Aston Martin Finally Back in Formula One 0

Aston-Martin-Finally-Back-in-Formula-OneIf you are an avid Formula One, Aston Martin or general car fan, then this news is most interesting. Aston Martin is back as a team in F1 for the first time since the two year period being 1959 and 1960 respectably. During both of these periods of time, Aston Martin did not perform at all well. However with a new partnership created between Aston Martin and Team Red Bull Racing, anything could happen.

Aston Martin and Red Bull racing have teamed up in order to take Formula One by storm whilst also creating a highly anticipated street ‘hyper-car’ to be released in 2018. However, the reported tactics entwined in the relationship between the two companies on the F1 front is extremely clever. Apparently, Aston Martin is using the move into Formula One as a means to market the company and to become innovation partners. Therefore, the Red Bull cars will therefore have an Aston Martin logo on its nose and sides. Aston Martin are using this opportunity in F1as a means for global promotion. China and India on the other hand, appear to be the markets which are the major targets for the brand to penetrate.  More evidence for this may be drawn from the fact that Aston Martin were very close to signing a deal with Force India but, it fell through in December 2015. So is it therefore fair to assume that the Aston Martin’s priority within the world of F1 is purely marketing based?

For Red Bull Racing on the other hand, the story that seems to be playing out is a highly dubious one. According to many, Red Bull is using this deal on order to obtain a Mercedes engine through a web of deals between car manufacturers. This web which leads to Red Bull benefitting from this deal starts with their falling out with Renault, who previously made their engines. After the very public falling out, Red Bull attempted to strike deals with both Mercedes and Ferrari but both fell through. The deal with Aston Martin may however allow Red Bull to use the Mercedes engines as Aston Martin also uses them in their cars. So, as innovative partners, Red Bull may therefore be able to use the engines that they so desperately need before the start of the season.

Either way, with what happens and what the deal actually involves, I think Aston Martin deserve a warm welcome back to the world of Formula One.