Audi A3 Vs BMW 1 Series 1

The Audi A3 is without a doubt Audi’s most successful car. The Audi A3 has generated a fifth of Audi’s total revenue over the past 16 years. This amount of profit resulted in financial security, thus allowing for more extravagant and adventurous designs such as the Audi R8. The first Audi A3 was manufactured in 1996 and today it continues to improve.


BMW 1 series is manufactured by the ever impressive German company. As of today there are five different body types E81, E82, E87, E88 and F20. The one series was launched first in 2004.


If you want a diesel powered car, but you like the thrills of a powerful engine then the BMW outweighs the Audi A3. The quickest Audi A3 diesel is 148BHP 2.0 litre, this reaches 62MPH in 8.6 seconds. BMW 1 series reaches 62MPH in 7 seconds with a 123D which offers 204BHP.


BMW1 series again has the upper hand if you are looking for a high performance petrol car but, you do not want to pay sky-scraping petrol prices. The BMW M135i has 315BHP and does 60MPH in just 4.6 seconds. Audi’s model RS3 is quicker by a small margin, reaching 60MPH a tenth quicker. Finally the Audi is better at something? Well no, costing £39,995 the Audi RS3 is almost an incredible £10,000 more expensive than the BMW M135i.


The BMW 1 series has impeccable balance and agility of any true BMW. All BMW 1 series are rear wheel drive. Audi A3 models mostly are front wheel drive and to be quite honest just does not steer or grip as well as the 1 series.


If you are highly conscious on fuel economy and emissions then without a doubt the 1 series is the one hands down. The 116D efficient dynamics returns 74.3mpg and emits just 99g/km of carbon dioxide. This matches the figures for the A3 1.6 TDI SE. However Audi A3 is three door and the 1 series hatchbacks are five door. If you want an A3 sportback, Audi’s equivalent to 5 doors then the most economical sportback returns 67.3mpg and emit 108g/km.


There is no doubt that the BMW 1 series is a better drive and a more efficient car for your money. Had this been a beauty contest then the Audi A3 had more of a chance. The stylish LED lights have really come alive in recent years. In terms of car design and how the car looks, really it is what you prefer. Both are top of the range small family cars. The easiest way to judge if you are serious about buying a BMW 1 series or Audi A3 is to test drive.