Britain inspired by the Detroit Motor Show 0

Whenever a car show starts in the United States, it’s always big news around the world. Every car fan and firm are sure to be taking notice of the Detroit Motor Show, currently displaying some of the most desirable cars in the world.

As mentioned in our last blog post, the United States are currently peaking at a five year high. 2012 saw sales of 14.4 million. Experts believe that sales could reach 15 million this year. With the economy getting better banks are more willing to lend money for car loans.

The good news in news in America is completely contrasted with negativity in Europe. Just 12 million cars were sold in the whole continent. The euro zone crisis is rife and is currently showing no sign of fading away.


Diversity, an opening for the UK

Many people have an impression of the United States and their car market. They believe that all they are interested in is larger vehicles. That however is no longer the case. America has become a lot more diverse with European small sized models being introduced. Volkswagen was one of the main European brands to take advantage.

British manufacturers are also starting to take advantage of the current boom in America. The likes of Jaguar Land Rover have already received orders for their F-Type and the Range Rover. The United States has the largest luxury car market in the world. There has been no better time in the last five years to take make the most out of the American car market.  Jaguar Land Rover believes that their success in America will help their worldwide profile over the coming years.

Ford has been grateful for the latest surge in small cars across the Atlantic. Models such as the Fiesta and the Focus have been mainly intended for Europe. However the Fiesta has been proudly displayed at the Detroit Motor Show under the Ford stand.

Chevrolet followed the same pattern by displaying their Chevrolet Trax mini SUV and their highly successful Cruze.

BMW’s Mini brand has shot up in the country too, managing to sell 66,000 in 2012. That makes America Mini’s best market. Mini is displaying the Paceman at the show. They believe that it will help drive sales even further.

The Corvette is undoubtedly the star of the show in our opinion. An American brand was always bound to take the spotlight.