Can you afford the latest Lamborghini? 2

Lamborghini-VenenoLamborghini has unveiled a new concept named the Veneno, worth £2.6 million. The Geneva Motor Show was home to the showcase of what has been labelled the world’s most expensive car. As the car made it’s way on stage, the driver made sure the crowd could hear the magnificent engine revs.

Something big had to come for Lamborghini 50th anniversary and here it is. It’s the most powerful Lamborghini ever built, which itself takes some doing.

More expensive than the Veyron

That makes the car more expensive than the Bugatti Veyron, worth approximately £1.5 million and the McLaren F1 worth approximately £665,000.

750 BHP – 0 – 60 in 2.8 seconds

Just three will be made it has been announced. For that huge price tag, you get 750 BHP. The V12 engine is mated to a seven speed automated manual transmission. The car is able to reach 0 – 60 MPH in a staggering 2.8 seconds. The top speed of the car is 220 MPH. Weighing just 3,200 pounds the car is unbelievably light considering the amount of power it has behind it.

How the Veneno was built

It’s chassis is taken from another magnificent vehicle from the Lamborghini line-up, the Aventador, which itself is worth approximately £266,000. The Veneno has been modified to handle the great power in which it is able to produce. No other exterior part has been taken from any other vehicle. There are carbon ceramic brakes installed as you may have expected given then great amount of stopping required. As the huge alloy wheels are easily susceptible to getting overheated, they have a carbon-fiber ring surrounding it which delivers further cooling air to prevent the wheels from being overheated. Carbon fibre and carbon skin composites are present throughout the car.

The name Veneno typically comes from a Spanish fighting bull. Already the three models have been snapped up it has been claimed. So if you had the spare cash to snap one up, it looks like you’ve missed your chance.

Despite having just three models made the Veneno will bring the company a great deal of publicity and create a huge buzz for Lamborghini. They are part of the Volkswagen Group, meaning they are well equipped to cope with the current Euro zone crisis which seems to be affecting all other car makers.