Car insurance scam hotspots revealed 0

Specific areas for staged accidents have today been revealed by insurance company Direct Line. The statistics reveal where gangs like to operate when carrying out their car insurance scam, otherwise known as “crash for cash”.

Barking in East London represents the area where the most occurrences happen, with the A406 eastbound junction the most targeted road.

Over 30,000 incidents of fraudulent accidents occurred last year. Innocent motorists were subject to inadvertently smashing into another car, forced upon by gangs who instigated the incidents. How was it executed? Commonly a car would execute an emergency stop directly in front of an innocent driver, forcing the cars to collide on busy roads or roundabouts.

Direct Line’s research of car insurance scams has clearly uncovered the most dangerous areas in the UK. The listings appear to indicate that the gangs are targeting more rural areas.

A spokesman from the company said that one car reported three accidents within just two hours.  It’s a devastating scam that is earning an estimated £350million per year. Paul Hubbard, who heads the Counter Fraud Operations Department at Direct Line, stated how much damage is imposed on the victims. “Crash for cash scam poses a significant risk to public safety. As well as adding to the cost of insurance, they delay payouts on genuine claims as any reported accident at a known scam site has to undergo additional investigations.”

Although the hotspot listing covers the whole of the UK, it noticeably doesn’t include any roads from Scotland. The ban of the “no win no fee” culture within Scottish Law meant the fraudsters wouldn’t have fared well compared to how much money they are able to make in England.

1. Barking, Essex A406 eastbound, junction with Abbey Road.

2. St Albans, Herts North Orbital Road at Noke Lane/Lye Lane.

3. West London A40, intersection with North Circular Road, (known as the Hanger Lane Gyratory)

4. Kensworth, Beds A5 Dunstable Road/B4540 Lynch Hill junction.

5. Farnworth, Lancs M61 Junction 4.

6. Newton Heath, Lancs Oldham Bypass, roundabout at Manchester Road.

7. Warrington, Lancs Grange Avenue, roundabouts 7A, B, C, D.

8. Little Aston, W Mids Chester Road near Hobs Hole Lane junction.

9. Fen End, W Mids A4177 Honiley Road, directed towards Warwick.

10. Waltham Cross, Herts A10/A121 roundabout.

While driving, be careful of this particular car insurance scam that happens regularly. Many innocent drivers are trapped yearly leaving them with a hefty bill and a damaged car.

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