China says hello to Qoros 0

Chery Automobile Co, the Chinese car manufacturer have joined forces with Israel Corp to launch Qoros, a new car brand in China.

Qoros is being launched as both manufacturers seek to reach new markets in China and across the world.

What does the word Qoros actually mean?

A company explained with statement that read that it is a “new word meant to represent a company that stands for quality and works together like a chorus,”. If the car brand is to live up to its name, we can certainly expect many great things in the future.

Volker Steinwascher

Volker Steinwascher, the Vice Chairman of Qoros stated the companies values in a statement by saying “People like brands and products they can be passionate about, Quality, design, connectivity and simplicity, these are the key drivers of our brand,” he said.

The two partners

Israel Corp, one half of the 50/50 venture as mentioned earlier, is Israel’s largest holding company. They specialise in shipping, chemicals, and energy.

Chery, the other half, have themselves found it difficult to succeed in what is a competitive car market themselves. Their current number one selling vehicle is the QQ.

Customer’s needs

Guo Qian, the Qoros CEO, said that cars will be designed in order to cater for customers needs and that is the way they hope to remain. His exact words were “As a young company without legacy there are considerable advantages in the creation of a new car. We are designing our products to meet our customers’ needs and intend to always keep that at the core of our business.”

Qoros hope to collaborate with all partners worldwide in order to create cost effective, attractive, high quality, safety, low emissions and fuel economic cars across the world.


It seems like a very risky time to enter the car market during times of such economic downturn. Some major car manufacturers are struggling to make an impact in certain markets in the way that they used to. Will people turn to Qoros?

If they are to meet their high ambitions, then they have a great chance. But are their targets a bit too ambitious? Is it possible to roll such a great amount of desirable features into one car and sell it at a cost effective price? After reading the statements released by Qoros, we can’t wait to see what they have in store.

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