Driverless cars to be tested in the UK 1

driverlessIt looks as if autonomous car technology is taking a step closer to reality. It has been confirmed that driverless cars will be tested in four cities in the UK.

Coventry, London, Bristol and Milton Keynes will be the selected cities. Greenwich, in South East London will host its own project as will Bristol. Coventry and Milton Keynes will combine to work on the same project.

The plans were announced by Quango Innovate UK after George Osborne’s Autumn Statement. Already a £10 million funding for the project was announced earlier in July. It was announced yesterday by Mr Osborne that there will be even further funding to the figure of £9 million.

Legal implication and road safety testing in Bristol

The Venturer consortium, who managed to secure funding from Innovate UK, will be involved in the project within the Bristol region. Their aim is to discover whether driverless cars can indeed reduce the amount of congestion and improve road safety.

One of the major obstacles to tackle with autonomous driving is that of the insurance and legal issues. If two driverless cars collide, who is fault? How can this be proven? Axa will be on hand to help discover legal and insurance effects of driverless cars. The insurance company will also attempt to find how well the public take to the new type of technology.

Automated passenger vehicle testing in London

The Gateway scheme will take place in Greenwich. The Transport Research Laboratory consultancy will take the lead role within this particular project. General Motors, the AA along with RAC motoring associations will also be involved.

This particular project involves testing of automated passenger vehicle shuttles. Autonomous valet parking for adapted cars will also be tested.

That’s not all. There will be a self-drive simulator which will interact with a photorealistic 3D model of the area. Reactions of people will be tested when they have the driving responsibilities is shared between them and the vehicle itself.

Testing driverless cars in Milton Keynes and Coventry

Milton Keynes and Coventry will host the UK Autodrive programme. Ford and Jaguar Land Rover will be involved within this particular project. Arup, the engineering consultancy will be involved within the Autodrive programme.

Driverless cars will be tested on the road as part of this project as well self-driving pods which will be designed for pedestrianised areas. Further research will be required In order to develop technology that can aid vehicle navigation through the surrounding roads and area.

Tests will begin between from the 1st January and will last between 18 and 36 months.