Famous Classic Car Collectors 0

The world of the rich and famous is all about glamour and glitz, expensive restaurants, exotic vacations, red carpet events and fine automobiles. For some famous people, the car is more than the latest technology and high speed performance. To these people, the car they drive is about image and heritage. This is why some famous people will turn down the chance to drive in a hybrid or a state of the art brand new car for the opportunity to drive a fine classic car. They have chosen to take a step back in time to drive a classic automobile with character and charisma.

After one ride in an American classic car, famous people are hooked. They will become a classic car collector in no time. They buy classic cars because they are works of art that should be collected the same way some people collect valuable paintings. Some of these collectors begin to get carried away because the own more cars than they can drive. The car may only be driven once or twice a year. It is an expensive hobby as a collector but the pay off is great for the owners of the cars.

jay-lenoOne of the most famous classic car collectors is Jay Leno. He is a famous comedian and talk show host. Jay Leno has taken his classic car collection to an extreme with approximately 200 cars. His classic car collection is so amazing most classic car owner can only dream of it. He is a rare classic car collector because he drives almost every car he owns. His car collection ranges from classic American muscle cars to classic electric cars. His collection includes a few McLarens, 2 Koenigseggs, 20 plus Jaguars, many Bugattis, Ferraris, Porches and vintage Fords and Chevrolets.  Leno has the opportunity to drive many brand new cars but he chooses not own many of them. He gets a great deal of satisfaction revving the engine of one of his beloved classic cars.

Another famous comedian and actor from his own television sitcom is Jerry Seinfeld. He collects only super stylish and fast Porches. He rents a hangar locate in Santa Monica, CA. Seinfeld owns cars such as the Porche 959, 73 911 RSR, couple of 911’s, 550 Spyder and a few Porche Boxers.

Clothing designer, Ralf Lauren, has more than 60 cars including some very rare models. He owns the Mercedes 300SL Gullwing, Bugatti Veyron, Bugatti Atlantic Coupe, McLaren F1LM and Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa.

There are many other classic car collectors that take their collection very seriously. They have a passion for preserving the cars of the past.