Fiat Panda Ireland 0

There have been some concerns that the new Fiat Panda may not be available in Ireland. The 2013 VRT road tax revisions need to be decided before any decision is made.
The new Fiat Panda to make its debut at the Paris Motor Show on the 27th of September. Automotive journalist and fans alike are highly anticipating the arrival of the vehicle.
The vehicle is still the only all wheel drive car in the city car segment, thirty years after being released.
According to Fiat the vehicle has the perfect balance of being a fantastic off roader and a brilliant on road vehicle too. It’s lightweight exterior construction along with it’s brilliant engine choices have made the Panda 4×4 a very popular vehicle in Ireland.
Many will consumers will be hoping that the car does arrive in Irish showrooms. It was the cheapest off road vehicle to purchase in the whole of the Irish car market.
During normal driving conditions the Panda runs in standard front wheel drive mode. This helps to improve fuel efficiency and helps to improve the environment at the same time. The all wheel drive setting kicks in once the vehicle senses that the car has lost grip compared to normal road conditions. Power is sent to the rear wheels to give the car a better balance.
Electronic Stability Control along with Electronic Locking Differential helps provide extra control for the driver. Electronic Locking Differential helps the car encounter difficult road surfaces such as rain or snow in a safer manner, helping to keep the car to keep it’s balance. The technology works in a very sophisticated way, directing power to wheels that need it the most in times of uncertainty on poor roads. It is able to be used at speed of up to 50 km/h.
For greater comfort on the road, there has been a new suspension system added. This will help improve the handling too.
There will be two engines made available with the car. These include the TwinAir Turbo which is able to hit a maximum of 85 BHP and the MultiJet Turbo diesel, capable of hitting 75 BHP. Start stop technology is now standard of the Fiat Panda 4×4. This will go a long way in helping the vehicle to stay as fuel efficient as possible whilst being clean to the environment.
After reading about the improvements, we hope Ireland will get the privileged to see the new Fiat Panda 4×4 in showrooms next year.