Finally, a Tesla everyone can afford 0

… you just have to be between the ages of three to eight to drive it.

Toy manufacturing company Radio Flyer – known for building the likes of tricycles, wagons, scooters – has developed the toy model of the car in collaboration with Tesla.

Designed to transport three to eight-year olds, the miniature S can carry around 37kg at a maximum speed of 6mph. The Model S for Kids charges in just three hours, and also utilizes swappable batteries. True to form for Tesla, the company that always strives for a little show there are some bells, whistles, and customizable options. These include working headlights, a front trunk, and a sound system with fully functional auxiliary cord input. If this model already doesn’t put your old-plastic-car-you-pushed-by-foot to shame, the cars can be detailed in authentic Tesla Model S colours, such as Deep Blue Metallic or Red Multi Coat. The luckier kids (/adults who haven’t lost their sense of wonder) can even purchase personalized license plates and a Tesla branded car cover.


The base price for the mini Model S comes in at $499 (£346), this is without any of the custom extras, and though this is expensive compared to most other toys, it’s certainly the cheapest way to own a Tesla. We just don’t know how well equipped this particular car will be to handle rush hour traffic.