Findings at the Detroit Motor Show 0

Motor shows always give indication of the direction a certain country’s motor industry is going. The Detroit Motor Show has already pointed out a few trends which fans and the media have already picked up on.

The American motor industry managed to secure a five year high in 2012. Selling 14.5 million in that year alone, experts believe that number could increase by 1 million in 2013. Given that the economy is starting to improve, banks are now lending out loans more freely than before.

Larger number of displays

The number of cars being displayed at the motor show is a clear indication of just how well the company is doing at present. There were 59 cars being displayed including both concepts and new cars. That number last year 41, showing that the motor industry in the United States is ever improving.

Ford uniquely had their oldest surviving model on display. The model A was made in 1903. Rivals General Motors have gone in the completely opposite direction and displayed their stunning new Corvette.

Concentrating on efficiency

One major trend going round is that of efficiency. The Volkswagen CrossBlue contains a single diesel engine linked to two electric motors. This allows the vehicle to travel achieving 35 MPG when fuel is being used and 14 miles in all electric models.

Even super cars have taken on the idea more than ever. The Corvette has eight cylinders, four of which shut down when the car is cruising at certain speeds. This saves a great deal of energy.

The Ford Atlas concept uses grille shutter technology which saves a great deal of energy. Common patterns include the use of aluminium and carbon fibre on the exterior.

Acura have shown NSX hybrid supercar at the event. Cadillac displayed the ELR, which is the same as the Chevrolet Volt and the Vauxhall Ampera. This impressive vehicle can travel a brilliant 35 miles in all electric mode before the petrol engine kicks in. Telsa also displayed their Model X crossover, an all-electric model.

The American car market has the biggest field for luxury vehicles. This specific section of the industry grew by 12 per cent reaching 1 million sales. The battle between BMW and Mercedes-Benz was a major factor in helping sales increase by so much. Audi were also extremely competitive last year.