First ever Jaguar SUV will bring 1,300 new jobs in the UK 0

c-x17Jaguar Land Rover’s first ever SUV model will create 1,300 new jobs at their Solihull factory in the West Midlands. The British automotive company announced the news this week, with their new vehicle being named the F-PACE.

The news will develop great positivity within the British automotive industry and the British economy alike. Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) have already invested heavily in the UK’s car industry, injecting a massive £1.5 billion in their Solihull plant. Effectively this has enabled the company to increase production and therefore increase numbers of employees. Currently, that number stands at 30,500 in consideration to the whole of the UK. The Solihull plant alone employs 9,450, with that figure being triple of what it was three years ago.

The Jaguar F-PACE will be economical

The new SUV itself is based on the company’s C-X17 concept which was seen at the Frankfurt motor show in 2013. You’ll have to wait until 2016 for the F-PACE to be released into showrooms.

Speaking to the BBC, Mike Wright, UK executive director of Jaguar Land Rover stated that the vehicle would not be a typical “gas guzzler”. He went to state that the company’s philosophy and future strategy is to ensure that there is a focus on fuel economy and CO2. The company are investing in research and development of eco-technology, keeping up with requirements and demands of the worldwide car market. From Mr Wright’s words, it is quite clear to see how confident the company are of the Solihull factory producing a highly successful car.

Jaguar’s ‘British charm’

Jaguar vehicles are unique in the fact that they have a special ‘British charm’. With that in mind, JLR chose the UK to develop the vehicle in order to maintain that element.

Massive amounts of growth for JLR worldwide

At present, the company are taking advantage of the huge momentum that they are experiencing. Growth within JLR is showing no signs of slowing down, with a massive 462,678 vehicles sold across the world last year, representing an increase of 9% year on year, with the company achieving a five consecutive years of an increase in sales. China, who have one of the strongest luxury car markets in the world, had JLR sales increase by 28%. Here in the UK sales increased by 7%.

Clearly JLR have a lot of faith in the British automotive industry. Building new models such as the F-PACE in the UK will play a huge part in allowing the future of the automotive industry to prosper as well as bringing about superb automotive technological advancements in our country.