Flying cars set to arrive in 2017! 0

aeromobilWouldn’t you love to just fly over a traffic jam? That could be made into reality, with plans for the production of flying cars being brought forward. Slovakian company AeroMobil announced that we could see soaring vehicles on the market by 2017.

The first appearance of the car was last year, with many at the time expecting the car to be released many years from now. Now in it’s third generation, the car’s unusual proportions consist of a lengthy body together with wings. Currently known as the AutoMobil 3.0, the vehicle is operational in the air as well as the road.

The AeroMobil may cost approximately £120,000

Juraj Vaculik, the CEO and C0-Founder said the company is growing quite aggressively which has enabled the world’s first “flying roadster” to come around quicker than originally expected. He went on to state that the one of the main aims of the project was to make a commercial success, not just to prove that characteristics of planes and car are able to co-exist as one. Mr Vaculik believes the vehicle will originally appeal to fans of luxury cars as well as flight enthusiasts. Prices are expected to begin at the £120,000 mark.

A range of 435 miles – top air speed of 124 MPH

The first model available on the market will be a two-seater, capable of reaching a range of 435 miles. Take-off speed will be approximately 81 MPH with the top air speed reaching 124 MPH. An autopilot function will also be made available. aeromobil-airIt will utilize the infrastructure built for planes and cars, delivering an unprecedented driver experience.

The car will have the typical characteristics of most automobiles, despite being quite an unconventional vehicle. It is able to park up and fit inside a typical parking space and will be run on the same fuel provided at typical petrol stations.

AeroMobil have competition however. Terrafugia, an American based company, are also hoping to release a flying car of their own. It may even arrive before AeroMobil’s attempt next year, which would make the sector very competitive and deliver a great deal of attention to the concept of flying cars.

Would you get one?