Forget Everything You Know about Fuel Efficient Cars, There is a New Winner 0

Servicing Stop has previously released statistics alerting you to the fact that the Peugeot 208 is the most fuel efficient car but, we may be mistaken… well slightly anyway, maybe.

Just recently a new record was broken as one man managed to drive from Switzerland to the North Sea in Northern Germany and back again with just one tank of fuel and the car, a Vauxhall Insignia. So, although that is an impressive feat, what actually happened and how was it manageable.

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Well firstly, the Insignia has an official mpg of 74.3 but, the official; statistics can never be taken fully into account as usually they are slightly exaggerated or aren’t tested with standard city driving. But nevertheless, the Insignia drove from Lucerne, Switzerland to Cuxhaven, Germany whilst stopping off in Russelsheim for a chat with the deputy of Vauxhall motors. After reaching the North Sea, Felix Egolf, the driver, then returned to Zurich via Hannover completing the 1,311 mile long trip. As we have previously mentioned, the car managed to do this on just one tank of fuel. But how?

Well, Felix Egolf is a hypermiler who attempts to drive as economically as possible in order to get more mpg than the official statistics actually say. So on average, he managed to get 88mpg from the vehicle. Other than that nothing else was done. The drive included a mixture of both European city and motorway driving, there were also no modifications done to the car.  The Vauxhall Insignia just managed a 1,3411 mile long two day trip on one tank of fuel because it was driven very economically. Egolf argued that the biggest factors for him in this result were the aerodynamics of the car mixed with Eco Contact 5 low-rolling resistance tyres. With or without these contributing factors, it is still an extremely impressive result.

Maybe this is a lesson for us all, or maybe Vauxhall have managed to unearth the secrets to amazing fuel economy and haven’t told us yet…