Formula 1 2013: Jerez Testing Results Day 3 0

Day 3

Day 3 saw the likes of Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen taking over from their team mates. The 3 time world champion hit the track and set 102 laps in his new RB9. Kimi only set 40 laps on day 3, he spent most of the morning with his mechanics adjusting his seat and getting comfortable in the car.  He had a problem with the clutch of the car so he only managed 40 laps in the Lotus.


Rosberg was back in the Mercedes and the team were hoping for a new change of fortune after a total of 29 laps testing from the first 2 days. Rosberg completed a whopping 148 laps in day 3 comfortably more than any other driver.  The amount of miles covered was enough to complete 2 full Grand Prix races and the total number of miles driven was long enough to drive from Silverstone to Spa. Rosberg came out of the feeling positive and said the car felt well balanced but had some minor understeer issues.  He also said he was physically in the best shape of his life and felt unfazed by the long run.


Day 3 saw Valtteri Bottas take to the Williams but not for the first time as the car Williams have brought to Jerez was in fact their 2012 spec car with some new parts. Bottas took part in some free practices in 2012 so he knew the car well and felt at home inside the cockpit. Williams will have their new car ready for the first test in Barcelona.


Felipe Massa finished fastest and was taking part in his final day of testing at Jerez. After completing days 1 and 2. His team mate Fernando Alonso decided to skip the Jerez test as it is not very important in terms of where the car is in development. Jerez is mainly used for testing the aerodynamics with the florescent paint to see if the air flow matches the results given by the wind tunnel. It’s also mainly used for digging out all reliability issues so the cars are ready for the Barcelona tests where they learn how to set the cars up for the start of the season.