Get ready for five new Alpha Romeos 0

Five new Alpha Romeo models are set to be released, according to some leaked reports.

A new Spider, a SUV, 4C sports car and two saloons will be introduced in the future.  The highlight of the bunch is the new 4C, which is set to rival the spectacular Porsche Cayman, which is a huge statement in itself.

The Alpha Romeo 4C

The Alpha Romeo 4C was originally a concept car at the Geneva Motor Show which is now set to be made into reality. Displayed during March earlier in the year, it took everyone by surprise.  The way forward for sports cars is for them to contain a carbon fibre chassis. This helps keeps the weight down allowing the car to accelerate quicker and also helps with fuel consumption. The concept car weight just 850kg with its carbon fibre exterior developed by Dallara.

It will contain a huge 300 BHP engine from a modestly sized 1.8 litre petrol engine. A newly formed TCT dual clutch gearbox from the company will provide the power to the car’s rear wheels. It will be a proper sporty type of car with just two seats. In terms of the performance that the car will be able to produce, it will sit in between the Porsche Cayman and the Porsche Cayman S. In other words it will able to reach a top speed of 155 MPH and race from 0-62 MPH in just five seconds.

The rest

Alpha Romeo also fancy their chances at rivalling the BMW X5 by releasing a SUV to take it on.

Among the other five new Alpha Romeo models to be released is a rival to the BMW 5 Series. Since its rejuvenation, the 5 Series looks incredible. Can Alpha Romeo compete with such a successful car?

The 159 is set to be replaced by the Giulia which looks like it could be a stunning car.

The legendary Alpha Romeo Spider is also set to be re-released with it sure to make a great impact on the market.

Alpha Romeo has remained quiet recently. Other rival luxury car brands have been continuously in the spotlight in recent months. With five new Alpha Romeo models being released, it seems as if the company were saving their news to release a groundbreaking report (even if it was leaked)

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