Government, Shops and Police, Plan to Crack Down on Forecourt Fuel Thieves 0

The government, the police, the retailers and suppliers are on a forecourt…

I think many people have had quite enough of thieves stealing.  And now the government, retailers and suppliers of fuel, and the police are now teaming up in order to curb forecourt fuel thefts.

Government-Shops-and-Police-Plan-to-Crack-Down-on-Forecourt-Fuel-ThievesIn September 2015, according to National Statistics, there were 62,300 incidents of forecourt fuel thefts recorded. This, as a matter of fact, is a 10% increase on the year before. As a result, British Oil Security Syndicate (BOSS) estimated that there has been a direct loss of £22 million to the industry. Sometimes, thefts can be mistaken. For some who fill up their tanks and then have no way to pay (we know that can be embarrassing), this simple mistake has lead to a loss of £9.7 million to the U.K. fuel industry. Although, give credit where credits due as 75% of those people do return to pay. And the others, well sometimes they may have a debt collector knocking at their doors.

Some are calling this an epidemic. Mansfield and Ashfield for example have seen their fuel thefts almost treble in the last five years. However, in Devon and Cornwall, Police are not too concerned with fuel thefts unless there is specific proof of criminal intent. Instead, they blame government budget cuts and the increase of fuel prices as factors that have driven people towards this action.

What are the police, the retailers and suppliers and the government going to do in order to curb this crime wave which seems to be only getting bigger each year? Well the government’s strategy seems to be more cohesion between all the parties. The Minister for Preventing Abuse, Exploitation and Crime Karen Bradley notes that ‘Theft from forecourts causes huge damage to businesses. This Government is committed to working with industry and police to tackle those crimes, and to limit the opportunities for offenders to commit them in the first place… We expect police forces to investigate all crimes, and we encourage retailers to report all crimes to improve understanding of the extent of the problem.’ So that’s some good news right?

Well, I would just assume that the four members in question were already working in a solid partnership to stop this kind of crime already. Apparently not, it seems. There have been various reports of better technology usage such as CCTV but, will it work? Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is also a fairly new technology that seems to be working alongside the police being told to fill up more regularly in order to further be a deterrent to thieves.

So, all that can really be hoped is that the powers that be can deal with this ever increasingly common problem that the U.K. fuel industry is facing… there’s nothing more that can really be said on the matter, sorry.