Is this Britain’s answer to Tesla? 0

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With Tesla currently setting the pace in the electric vehicle market, the traditional car makers have been left floundering in the American company’s wake, fighting over second place.

Recently however, a potential rival has emerged from an unlikely source however. British electric car startup Alcraft Motor Company have revealed details of their high-performance electric car, called the Alcraft GT. The vehicle is slated to launch in the UK in 2019, and the images released show a tidy looking car.

The car is said to be capable of 600bhp; 840 lb ft torque will will propel it from 0-62mph in a blistering 3.5 seconds.

Powered by a battery allowing 300 miles of range from a single charge, and plans for a longer distance option also in the pipeline, Alcraft are talking impressive figures firmly within Tesla’s bracket. The company’s top spec vehicle, the Model 3, has 310 miles of range.

Alcraft’s lengthy shooting brake style allows for a generous amount of boot space, a sizable 500 litres. If desired, the boot can be converted to allow for an extra two seats.

Along with the impressive power, the Alcraft GT will also have four-wheel drive and torque vectoring. The design will be lightweight, adding to performance.

The images show a strikingly good looking car, with the sports style front end and larger more practical rear.

Driver controls will be predominantly accessible via a touchscreen, replacing the conventional buttons. The car will also feature a virtual cockpit.

Alcraft Motor Company has been founded by David Alcraft.

“We want to build a British car company which brings together traditional skills and high technology for the emerging low carbon car market”, says Alcraft Motor founder and managing director David Alcraft.

“We’re about combining great design, outstanding dynamics and the visceral thrill of electric powertrains to create products that are high in performance and desirability but very usable.

“We hope this will establish a niche For Alcraft Motor in Britain’s renowned specialist low-volume car industry.”

Tesla are unlikely to be looking over their shoulders just yet. Alcraft are yet to produce a working prototype of the GT and are crowdfunding the project.

Pledgers will be rewarded for supporting the money contributed with all sorts of perks from VIP trips to Silverstone to money off the first cars.

The initial 15 Alcraft GT cars are provisionally to be priced in the range of £130,000 to £145,000 net of VAT and available grants.

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