Kia Fleet Vehicles 0

It goes without saying that a fleet vehicle nowadays must have above all strong environmental credentials, reliability and great fuel efficiency.  The Korean company Kia are slowly establishing a great reputation in the UK. They have some tremendous vehicles available that could prove very attractive for fleet companies.

We take a look at some of the best fleet vehicles that Kia has to offer.

Choose the Kia Cee’d – If you want a practical hatchback

The Cee’d have seen an improvement in efficiency with it containing Kia’s EcoDynamics technology. There is an also an option to select the 3 door option or the SW estate. Either way the car is very practical, fun to drive as well as very efficient. Equipment within is very generous too. The SW EcoDynamics version of the car is very environmentally friendly with C02 emissions of just 119g/km. The EcoDynamics diesel version has emissions of just 110g/km, making this a very suitable fleet vehicle.

Choose the Kia Sportage – If you want a stylish 4×4

Possibly the most attractive car in Kia’s range at the moment, the Sportage offers a great look mixed with efficiency. Four engines are available with the car, giving a wide selection for all types of drivers. You also get a choice of front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. Intelligent Stop and Go (ISG) technology is included in most versions of the car too.

Choose the Kia Picanto – If you want a terrific city car

The car has evolved remarkably this year. Despite the car being only available in petrol, it is still highly efficient. The 1.0 Litre EcoDyanmics versions deliver just 99g/km of C02 emissions. ISG is included to bring about lesser fuel bills. The car will be switched off during traffic and immediately start up and drive forward when the driver wants it to.

Choose the Kia Soul – If you want an urban compact car

The car is just over four meters long with a great amount of practicality. Kia has stated that the suspension was tested and fine-tuned in the UK, making it a great fleet vehicle that is purely adapted drive on our roads. Both automatic and manual versions will deliver emissions that are under 160g/km. A wise choice for a fleet vehicle with the car delivering plenty of exactly what the model name says.

Choose the Kia Carens – If you require a compact people carrier

The great appeal about the Kia Carens is that it is a people carrier that doesn’t come with the typical bulk that you may expect with this type of car. You get the flexibility of selecting five or seven seats. The standard model has alloy wheels, electric windows, air conditioning and MP3 connectivity ability. The diesel variants emit just 149g/km of C02 emissions. This fleet vehicle is a great choice, not only for its efficiency but the equipment that it offers too.