Lexus sales must increase this year 0

Toyota has said that the amount of Lexus sales this year must increase by a quarter across the world. This would equate to sales of up to 500,000 – 510,000 this year, bringing the company back to prosperity before they suffered a crisis.

Lexus sales down in America

Sales around the world dipped as natural disasters occurred in Japan and Thailand. In the United States Of America, Lexus lost their number one spot for being the number one luxury car producer. BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi steamed ahead to overtake the Japanese company.

Down in Europe

European sales have also dropped. Their image and reputation has suffered in recent years thanks to the superiority of the three main German luxury manufacturers.

The company’s image in Japan is not as good as some may expect. Many associate quality and luxury with European brands rather than the likes of Lexus.

Change in image

Lexus are hoping to change all of that. They have recently rebranded all future models in hope of making them more appealing to the worldwide market. Many future models will get a new front grille which is shaped like a spindle.

Sales forecast increase

Toyota have recently upped their forecast for 2012 domestic sales. This represented a 6.5 % increase on the previous sales forecast and 36 % more than the forecast of last year. According to Toyota, global sales could see a 21 % increase which equates to 8.58 cars sold worldwide.

Japanese rivals

Lexus are not the only Japanese brand planning to improve their luxury brand. Honda Acura as well as Nissan’s Infiniti brand are also set for major improvements to become a worldwide dominant force.

Lexus Chief Kiyotaka Ise has said that he wants the brand to have the same image and reputation of the other three main German brands as being “instantly recognisable on the roads”

The new Lexus GS sedan is what the company are banking on to turn things around. It will cost $65,200 and come with a 2.5 litre engine along and have a rear wheel drive system built within. Lexus hope to sell 600 per month at least in Japan from when it is released.

Still number one luxury brand in Japan

Last year in Lexus sold just 42,365 vehicles in Japan. Experts believe that number will not increase by much this time round. BMW were second with 34,195 cars sold last year. Mercedes-Benz sold 33,207 in the country with Audi selling 21,166.

Can Lexus revive themselves?