Live in luxury in a Mercedes while it drives you around 0

mercedes-f015Yes, that’s right. You can live the high-life inside a Mercedes as it drives you around. If you weren’t aware of the developing world of autonomous technology, Mercedes’ F015 Luxury in Motion model is certain to make you realise how serious it’s getting.

The luxury German car manufactures have revealed a new concept car which adopts self-driving technology.



Looking from the outside, perhaps the first thing you’ll notice is the car’s stand-out wide profile wheels which naturally not only make the vehicle look lavish but more importantly increases space inside the car. That space is used to great effect, with the Mercedes creating a relaxing atmosphere within and using quality materials, it almost feels like you’re in your own front room! Extra space also allows the four chairs the opportunity to twist and all face each other.

Not 100% self-driving

The car is designed to allow the driver to take control of the car themselves if they wish, with a steering wheel and vehicle controls on a glass dashboard being provided. Research has proved that drivers want to drive an autonomous car, but not during times such as being caught in traffic on motorways.

Do we need autonomous car technology?

Autonomous technology is an idea which is highly desired by the public. People may want a self-driving car as they get the ideas from films, or they may just feel the need to find immediate distractions whilst being in a traffic jam. Wouldn’t you rather browse the internet, read a newspaper or drink a coffee instead of staring at rear-end of the car in-front during traffic?

Taking a step back from those highly enticing benefits of autonomous technology, we have to ask ourselves, is the technology really necessary? Is all of this heavy investment within the technology altering the future of driving or is it just a way of demonstrating that they are still relevant?

What role is the UK Government playing? They apparently don’t have much funds available, have injected £19 million into driverless car technology research projects across four cities. Are they looking at the surveillance opportunities available within cars?

Not a bad performance for the F015

The fuel-cell hybrid concept has twin electric motors, powering up to 131 BHP. Top speed reaches 124 MPH with acceleration from 0 – 62 MPH hitting 6.7 seconds. For once, most aren’t interested in the car’s performance statistics.

Revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015, it makes you wonder why Mercedes didn’t choose the Detroit Motor Show next week to display their latest concept. Perhaps the fact the car is quite an unrealistic prospect for the future could be a reason.

Don’t expect the Mercedes F015 Luxury in Motion to hit showrooms anytime soon. Autonomous technology still has plenty of obstacles to overcome.