Making a Statement with DVLA Personalised Number Plates 1

Quirky number platesIf you own a car, you need to have a number plate issued by the DVLA. It is a legal requirement, as it helps to identify the vehicle and also helps the police if the need arises. Typically vehicles have to display their number plates on the front and rear. You also need to ensure the plates are clearly visible with no obstruction in order to prevent MOT failure. The exception to this rule is motorcycles. All information pertaining to number plates in the UK is stored in a central database, so vehicles across the UK can be tracked using this single database. The offices of DVLA Swansea are the headquarters for the DVLA and there are more than 80 local offices across the UK.


Personalised Number Plates

Many people want to own personalised number and this trend appears to be growing. This type of a number plate can be used by businesses as a means of advertising and promoting their company and individuals can use it to show their names, initials or even beliefs. While the most commonly found personalised number plates are the ones with prefix numbers, but the current format used by the DVLA is fast gaining momentum. In fact, when this new format of two letters followed by two numbers and three letters was introduced in 2001, there was fear that it would not be successful. However, these fears were unfounded, as there appears to be a demand for personalised number plates with the new format. It requires some thinking to come up with an innovative registration, but it can be done to make your registration unique and eye-catching.


Buying Personalised Number Plates

Each personalised number plate is unique and hence, there is always a race among motorists to get their perfect private number plate. Once DVLA sells a personalised number plate to a person, the chances are minimal that you will ever get to own it. Before you get despondent, the good news is that there are many number plate merchants and suppliers from whom you can get a private number plate. These suppliers are the most preferred source of getting unique DVLA number plates with valid certificates. The certificate needs to be renewed every year, but the fees are nominal. Many times, people use number plate suppliers to get a number plate that has already been sold. The supplier works as an agent on your behalf and searches for people who have similar number plates. You never know, you could strike gold and get the private number plate that you always wanted. Furthermore, using a number plate seller is the perfect way to acquire a personalised number plate even if you do not own a vehicle. For many people, it can be a way to owning a number plate of their choice that they can put on their vehicles when and if they buy a vehicle, while for others it could be a hobby – collecting personalised number plates.


Points to Consider

When you are looking to buy private number plates from a supplier, there are a few things you should keep in mind. The number plate can be made to appear old, but it cannot be made to appear new. For instance, a T reg number plate can be used for V (1999 to 2000) registered vehicle, as the number plate can make this vehicle appear older than what it is, but it cannot be used for an S (1998 to 1999) vehicles, as it will make the vehicle appear newer than what it is. Hence, it is important to get a private number plate that conforms to the DVLA rules and regulations.