New Alfa Romeo Giulia set to arrive next summer 0

2014-Alfa-Romeo-Giulia-PicsA new Alfa Romeo, rumoured to be called the Giulia, will go on sale in 2015 and will rival the BMW 3 Series. The arrival of the car is expected to be in June of next year, according to sources.

There has been a lot buzz created in the automotive industry from the news. Alfa Romeo is highly depending on the vehicle to help the company’s future models. Images of the car being tested have been revealed. Not much was given away as the car was disguised with Maserati Ghibli bodywork.

Rear wheel drive

Rear-wheel drive will be introduced within the new model for the first time since in an Alfa Romeo mainstream model since 1992, when the 75 saloon went out of production.

Inspired by the 4C

Styling of the car is inspired by the company’s 4C mode, with everyone expecting a stunning design. Many are already highly anticipating the arrival of the car at next year’s Milan Expo. There will be plenty of opportunity to view the car as the car show runs from May through to October.

Engine choices

There are plenty engine choices with petrol and diesel engines coming with both four and six cylinders. Some engines will be able to achieve a massive 320 BHP. A high powered version will also be released in order to rival the likes of the BMW M3 and the Mercedes-Benz AMG C63. This particular model is expected to power up to 500 BHP.

7 new models by 2018

The Giulia’s mechanical platform along with its engine will become a major influence of Alfa Romeo’s future plans. The Italian automakers are expected to release 7 new models by 2018. Rumours suggest that new arrivals will include a rival to the BMW 5 series, two new SUV models on top of another sports car within the category of the 4C and the Giulia estate.

Alfa Romeo has been due to release a replacement to the 159 model, which left the market back in 2011. The United States are likely to see the new Giulia in early 2016.