New Citroen C4 Picasso 0

c4 picassoThe new Citroen C4 Picasso has been revealed with it’s release only around the corner in September. This time round the French company have focused more upon the engineering of the vehicle.

The car will have the same EMP2 platform as the brand new Peugoet 308. This means that the Picasso’s proportions were lessened. Now the overall length of the car is 40mm shorter. The new platform gives the interior 55mm more room on the inside. There is a great deal of practicality within. This includes the front passenger seat being able to be folded forward. This gives 2.5m more storage space.

Engine improvements have also been made for economical benefits. Now fuel consumption and C02 emissions will be brought down thanks to it’s HDi diesel engine refinements. Details of just three diesel engines have been revealed so far. These include a 1.4 litre capable of hitting a maximum of 89 BHP and two variants of a 1.6 litre which achieve a maximum of 114 BHP and 148 BHP respectively.

Weight saving features

Families will opt for the vehicle mainly due to it’s economical values. Citroen has gone about improving those figures by giving the vehicle a lighter weight exterior body.  This naturally reduces the drag within the vehicle, meaning less fuel is needed. Other weight saving features include alloy body features. The floor placed where rear passengers will be seated will weigh just 140 kg. The aluminium bonnet together with the tailgate have also been greatly reduced in weight. Citroen has stated that now the C4 Picasso weighs the same as the C3 Picasso.

The e-HDI 90 will be the most economical model in the range. This will achieve a brilliant 98g/km and 74 MPG when combined with Citroen’s no clutch six speed manual transmission. The 1.6 litre e-HDI 115 emits just 104g/km and achieves a brilliant 70 MPG using the same gearbox transmission.

Nowadays, it seems that blue is the new green. The automotive industry is full of brands that use the word blue to signify the green economical prospects of a vehicle. Volkswagen’s Bluemotion is a great example. Citroen has followed suit by using the name BlueHDi for one of their models. This particular engine comes with a 1.6 litre diesel which comes with a SCR, also known as Selective Catalytic Reduction. This brings C02 emissions to just 110g/km.

The new Citroen C4 Picasso has all the attributes to succeed in the UK market.