Nissan adds 1,000 jobs at Tennessee factory 0

Nissan’s Smyrna plant located in Tennessee is set for 1,000 new employees. The factory which is currently booming produces the Infiniti JX crossover, which is Nissan’s luxury brand’s first ever $40,000 + car.

A number of employees expected to add to the 3,500 figure

With the new employees, the employment at the factory will be near to a staggering 6,000. This may sound like quite a lot but it will be needed as there will be two new crossover utility vehicles built at the factory. The highly anticipated Nissan Leaf electric car will also make it’s way to the production line along with batteries. Presently the plant hires 3,500 workers in total.

On top of the 1,000 new members of staff, there is set to be a second shift added at the plant. This is to help with the assembly of the upcoming JX. The Nissan Pathfinder crossover will arrive later on in the year ready for production.

Extra workers needed for electric battery and Nissan Leaf production

An extra 1,300 will hired to develop lithium – ion batteries which will be placed within the Nissan Leaf. By the beginning of next year, the Nissan Leaf is expected to have it’s production started. There will be a brand new battery development facility which will be right next to the current factory, as more space will be needed for such a large and complex operation. This particular facility has almost finished it’s final stages of production.

First ever production ready JX

It was only this week when the first Infiniti JX was developed where the first version ready for production was rolled off the belt.

First ever luxury vehicle in the city

The car also represents something significant for Tennessee. It was the first ever luxury vehicle to be produced in the city. Tennessee has a great and proud history of automotive production.


Infiniti’s vehicles are mainly produced in Japan, bar the Infiniti QX56 full size sport utility vehicle which was produced in Canton.

Infiniti will go head to head with the likes of BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Lexus, who are the leading luxury car manufacturers in the United States.

Infiniti are making the right moves to catch with up the rivals mentioned above. Localising production will mean that export costs are kept down to a minimum. This includes parts and labour being cost effective too, meaning the price on the American market will be very competitive.