No cars will be able to beat new £500 diesel tax 0


No vehicle will be exempt from the new £500 diesel tax when it is introduced in April 2018.

The new legislation, announced in the recent budget, will hike all new diesel vehicles purchased after its introduction, up a tax band.

For cars that emit between 191g/km and 225g/km of CO2 that’s an extra £500 in the first 12 months before reverting to the £140 a year vehicle excise duty flat rate.

No cars currently on sale can avoid the tax altogether as the new emissions regulation – known as Real Driving Emissions 2 – isn’t mandatory until 2020.

Even if a car is on sale (or in showrooms) it won’t have been tested to ensure it is exempt.

Existing owners of diesels don’t have to panic as they’ll be exempt from the new charges.

But all new diesel vehicles, even the cleanest, will incur an extra charge. Here’s a list of the models that will be hit hardest by the new charges:

Audi SQ7 4.0-litre TDI – 199g/km (£88,295)

Bentley Bentayga 4.0-litre V8 – 210g/km (£137,055)

Hyundai i800 2.5-litre CRDi – 199g/km (£28,545)

Range Rover 4.4-litre SDV8 – 219g/km (£86,700)

Range Rover Sport 3.0-litre SDV6 – 211g/km (£62,650)

Mercedes GLS 350d – 199g/km (£71,430)

Porsche Cayenne 4.2-litre – 209g/km (£68,022)

Ssangyong Rexton 2.2-litre – 194g/km (£24,495)

Ssangyong Turismo 2.2-litre – 196g/km (£23,250)

Toyota Land Cruiser 2.8-litre – 194g/km – (£37,230)

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