Prepare for the hurricane hitting the UK and your MoT test by checking your tyres! 2

gonzaloWith bad winter weather due in the UK very soon, tyre safety campaigns have urged motorists to look at their tyres.

It has been revealed that over 2.2 million cars (according to TyreSafe) failed their MoT last year with unsafe or illegal tyres. Surely it makes more sense to check the tyres yourself rather than waiting for the results of a MoT test?

It seems as if many motorists are simply not taking the time to make simple checks. It will save you money in the long-run, with four road standard tyres at the right tyre pressure helping to keep fuel usage as low as possible. The most important factor is road safety. Tyres which are road standard will increase the overall safety of the driver and passenger, especially in adverse conditions.

Stuart Jackson, who is the Chairman of the TyreSafe has given his opinion on results, saying that it “beggars belief that so many motorists can fail their MoT because of unsafe or illegal tyres”. He went on to say how regular checks throughout the year are essential and that “your safety on the road is totally dependent upon the condition of your tyres”

Hurricane coming to the UK

With news of a potential hurricane coming to Britain next week, motorists are being urged to check their tyres. News forecaster has predicted that Hurricane Gonzalo will hit Ireland on Tuesday. Although by the time it comes to the UK it will be downgraded to a post tropical thunder storm. It is however still expected to produce strong winds along with heavy rain.

With roads being wet and slippery, stopping distance is heavily affected along with a loss of grip. Tyres which are past their expiry date will increase the chances of a crash and danger on the road. This can be prevented with some simple tyre checks.

Make sure you’re prepared for bad weather and your MOT test.