The Rolls-Royce Ghost II Review 1

rollsroyceghostAny Rolls-Royce model is magnificent, standing at the pinnacle of car industry standards in all aspects.

The Ghost model is just below the Phantom, but nevertheless makes for a highly desirable car. The vehicle has been improved a great deal. A brand new eight speed automatic gearbox works in sync with the satellite navigation system in order to select an appropriate gear for the journey ahead.

Emphasis on refinement, not power

The 6.6 litre V12 engine sourced from BMW is able to develop a huge 563 BHP. Despite the vehicle’s bulky size, it is still able to develop a very decent pace. However, the car isn’t the quickest off the mark, as you may have had expected. It isn’t about gathering quick acceleration times, it’s more about refinement and quality. Going around corners certainly isn’t one the car’s strong points.

Running costs

The running costs of the car will only ever be suitable to the super-rich. However the residual values are pretty good. Of course replacement parts will come at a very high price. Parts such as tyres, brakes, and a clutch will not come cheap. Fuel economy on the Ghost is around 20.2 MPG and emits 327g/km. That places the car on the highest tax band available.


Practicality and space is a big deal within the car. There is plenty of space within for storage. Three adults are able to sit in the back in comfort and stretch, with plenty of personal space. The driver and passenger have plenty space of head and elbow room. The armrest in the centre would most likely be utilised more often than not for two people to sit in the car.

As you’d expect for such an expensive car, Rolls-Royce hasn’t skimped on interior or luggage space. The driver and passenger have acres of head and elbow room, while there’s space for three adults to stretch out in the back if needs be, although it’s more likely to be used for just two passengers with a pull down armrest in the centre.

Although most owners will probably never drive the vehicle themselves, it really is an amazing car to drive. The driver seat sits very high which gives you a commanding view of the road ahead.