Sketches of the Audi A9 appear online 0

a9 sketchesSketches of the Audi A9 concept have appeared online before it makes its first appearance at the LA Motor Show.

Some believe the name of the car will be the “Prologue” concept. It appears to be a two door coupe, not a four door like originally thought. The car will adopt the company’s new design philosophy, implemented by Marc Lichte, the new Design Chief. Both the interior and exterior will see a specific type of design pattern followed.

When released, the A9 will go straight to the top of the line-up. It will rival the likes of the Mercedes-Benz CL and the Porsche Panamera.

Designed like a coupe

The first we saw of the car was in a teaser video earlier this month. The recent sketches give us the best idea of what the car will look like. It looks as if the shape of the car will be a two door coupe, with a similar design to the A7 Sportback. Many believed it would be a luxury saloon.


The design that was leaked shows that the vehicle will have large wheel arches together with a long and sloping bonnet, giving the car a more dominant type of look. Some typical Audi design features will be there. These include large air intakes, distinct LED headlights and a very wide grille.

MLB platform

The car measures 5.1 metres in length and will be 1.95 wide and 1.39 in height, with these details already being revealed. Reports suggest that the car will be based upon the MLB platform, the same underpinning as the Audi A8 and the A7.

The car could be here by 2017, with the concept a starting point. The production version may have a 4.0 litre twin turbo V8 from the RS6 Avant.

We can’t wait to see the Audi A9 concept at the LA Motor show.