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Subaru-SalesWe thought that we would dedicate an article to Subaru for once. We hardly ever mention the Japanese company, who actually are the 22nd largest automotive company in the world. So what have Subaru been up to? Well the answer is very little to be honest.

Well they have been doing something, and by the looks of it, doing this certain thing very well. Subaru haven’t been a loud company of recent, but they have managed to sell well in the United States. As a company who are rarely talked about, they have managed to set another personal record and boast huge profits for the first half of 2016 while doing so.

The record of which we are talking about, concerns the month of June. In June, sales increased by 5.1 percent to 46,598 vehicles. This figure has therefore become the companies 55th month of straight gains, which is extremely impressive.

Subaru also had individual vehicles which performed extremely well too. The Outback, WRX/STI and the Crosstreck also performed very well. Subaru sold 13,417 Outback’s which is the Japanese companies 28th straight month of increasing sales. Then, Subaru managed to sell 3,130 WRX/STI’s which an outstanding 44.5 percent increase on the same month of last year.

So although the company haven’t been making huge waves around the world, they certainly have been quietly selling their vehicles at better rates than they ever have. Although a lot of information hasn’t been presented, congratulations are in order for Subaru…

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