Tesla updates software after car hack 0

Tesla has been forced to update some of its software following a successful hack of the operating system of its electric cars carried out by researchers from China.

From a distance of 12 miles (19km), the team from Keen Security Lab managed to manipulate the brake system on a Tesla while it was travelling. They also successfully opened one of the doors using a laptop.


Following the hack, Tesla has updated its software to protect against external manipulation. The team from Keen Security posted a video of their efforts onto YouTube earlier this week. It showed a hacker taking control of a vehicle from the passenger seat, while someone else was behind the wheel.

Whilst the driver was changing lanes, the hacker was able to adjust the rear view mirror. He also managed to open the car’s boot while it was in transit.

This security breach is important for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, it was conducted remotely; twelve miles away according to researchers. Secondly, the level of control the hackers were able to seize was sizable – brakes, windscreen wipers, all sorts of other car functions.

Fortunately for the security community, they are managing so far to fend off any attacks from hackers. This ‘hack’ was found by researchers who went straight to Tesla before going public with their findings.

Tesla’s vehicles can be updated over-the-air, so the vulnerability can be corrected automatically without owners having to visit a dealership.