The brand new Audi A3 2

The new generation Audi A3 has been released and as expected it will be better than ever.

New hybrid version

What’s extra special about the car is that there could be hybrid versions made. Keeping in line with the latest technology, Audi are looking to keep the modern driver’s needs of low fuel prices and Government eco friendliness policies satisfied.

A new saloon version

The Geneva Motor Show in March will be the event where the new Audi A3 is to be showcased. At the motor show Audi will reveal the huge flexibility of the car, with it having a great variation of four body styles. This will include the new saloon for the first time ever.

Superb design

From official sketches released by the German manufacturers, the car looks like it could be one of the most desirable vehicles on the UK market. The car looks to have more shape and curves. The new generation of headlights seen on the Audi A5 and Audi A6 are both taken from the compact saloon. The Audi front grille makes the car look sporty and gives it a lot of presence too. The roof has a sloping shape to it, making it look more like a coupe.

Inside the cabin

Inside the cabin, the Audi A3 is expected to be full of high quality and luxury. In bid to fend off rivals BMW, Audi have already implemented a superb design within the Audi A6 and A1. It could perhaps rise to another level within the new A3 as it is one of the company’s better selling models. Expect the materials to be built with the best quality materials.


The equipment within the cabin is more technical and hi tech compared to current models. A satellite navigation system is included, but it won’t be your ordinary type. It will be connected to Google maps via an Internet connection.

Wide variety of engines

Expect a long and versatile list of engines from the Audi A3. Typically the model appeals to a variety of drivers, enhancing it’s appeal to all types of drivers. The official line up has been announced. They comprise of a 1.2 litre, a 1.4 litre, a 1.8 litre and a 2.0 litre turbo petrol engine. Power variations spread from 105 BHP to 170 BHP.

The car’s diesel options include a 1.6 litre and a 2.0 litre TDI engine. The most powerful of the lot will be able to produce around 170 BHP. A slower but tremendously economical TDIe model is also in the pipeline. It may not be the fastest producing just 100 BHP and is able to achieve 80 MPG.

We can’t wait for the new Audi A3 to be released!