The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta at Geneva Motorshow 0

Exhibited this year at the 82nd annual Geneva Motor Show was the most powerful Ferrari road car ever, the F12 Berlinetta.

Superfast road car

The V12 6.3 litre engine is able to achieve an amazing 730 BHP. That is even faster than rival the Lamborghini Aventador which was also on display at the Geneva Motor Show. The Ferrari Berlinetta is up on BHP by 118 when compared to the 599 GTB.

More economical

Nowadays car brands cannot just introduce a car that is more powerful than the previous model to be successful, even companies like Ferrari. Newer models must be more economical and cheaper to run. Ferrari have kept with the trend in that respect. The new Berlinetta is a lot lighter, smaller in stature and more aerodynamic.

C02 emissions

The car’s C02 emissions reach 350g/km which is a significant improvement from 415g/km. The fuel efficiency of the vehicle now reaches 18.8 MPG which is a great improvement from 15.8 MPG. The vehicle’s lower weight, start stop technology and improved aerodynamics help the car achieve such a great rate of efficiency.

Lighter bodywork

The aluminium body and space frame chassis helps to bring down the overall weight of the car, which now comes in at 1,525kg. That is 70kg less than the previous version. The vehicle is also a lot smaller than the current version, being 4.62m long making it 47mm less in length. Being more aerodynamic the car is 63mm lower and 20mm more narrow.

Ferrari FF influence

The Ferrari’s front grille and headlights look very similar to the Ferrari FF with the car looking spectacular from almost every angle. The Ferrari FF has also had an influence inside the car in terms of the design. The cabin contains Frau leather which is a wonderful luxurious material to sit within. The air vents are made of carbon fibre and aluminium.

Carbon ceramic brakes

The car contains carbon ceramic brakes, the most powerful and effective type of braking system on any road car. These brakes are needed in order to control all of that tremendous power that the car can produce.  The Berlinetta’s Active Brake Cooling system helps to intelligently cool these Ceramic brakes.


The F12 will come with a seven speed twin clutch gearbox, the same as that within the Ferrari FF and California. In just 3.1 seconds the car can hit 0 – 62 MPH and 8.5 seconds when racing from 0 – 124 MPH. The top speed of the car reaches 211 MPH altogether.

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