The Fiat 500 superb performance in Canada 0

fiat-500The Fiat 500 is making a huge name for itself and is even challenging MINI in Canada. It has hit many as a pleasant surprise. The Italian brand is growing and getting strong on the other side of the Atlantic.

Fiat hopes to make the 500 like what Mini is to BMW. Mini is an essential part of the German luxury brand and provides a great deal of variety to the group, not to mention profits. That’s exactly what Fiat is aiming for.

500 sold every month

Fiat, owned by Chrysler has managed to sell a magnificent 8,474 Fiat 500 models in 2012 alone in Canada, a remarkable achievement. Those figures were so good that sales had increased by 57.2 per cent when compared to 2011. That averages out to 500 models per month that Canadians were buying, a figure that would make interesting headlines.

More models and more rivals

So who can stop Fiat? General Motors owned brands Buick and Chevrolet are planning on releasing the new Encore and Trax respectively. The 2013 models offer a great alternative to the 500 and could prove to be game changers. Fiat is retaliating with a new 500L high roof hatchback. On top of that will come a 500X small crossover. That’s not all. Many expect the new 500 Trekking to be released.

Fiat’s Brand Chief Gianluca Italia has stated that he wants to make the vehicle bigger so that owners will stick with the car rather than move on to a bigger one. He said “We are looking at a full family of vehicles. We know that the 500 is often bought by parents for their children but the loyalty to the car is low, around 60 per cent of drivers move onto something bigger. We want to be able to offer them an extended 500 range,”

Even better in Europe

Despite Fiat’s success in Canada, it’s Europe where the 500 has been selling like hotcakes. Along with the Panda, the 500 accounts for 35 per cent of sales within it’s specific category of vehicle.

With even more Fiat 500’s to be released, annual sales could indeed go through the roof. Despite losing major sales throughout Europe due to the Euro Zone crisis it seems that the 500 is proving to be a light at the end of the tunnel for Fiat.