The Lexus LS460 Luxury 0

The Lexus LS460 Luxury is definitely a head turner. One major problem however is that there were hardly any around. Last year Lexus sold just 100. So how do they plan on turning it around?

Inside out, the car is made of high quality materials. It’s full of luxury. The car has been out for 23 years and has not modernised itself for quite a while. It is for this reason that the LS460 needed a major upgrade and this time, this was the biggest upgrade ever seen from any other previous change. Altogether there are around 3000 changes, including the design and mechanically.

One of the reasons behind the poor sales was certainly down to the financial crisis. Sales are expected to increase now due to the reintroduction of the V8 petrol engine. Perhaps Lexus thought it was a good idea to withdraw the engine due to the high emissions and low efficiency. It appears that petrol engines are what consumers crave, despite the economy. According to projections from the company, 80 per cent of models will be the petrol V8 and the rest will be the LS600hL hybrid. A brand new LS F Sport will be on the scene at the same time, also expected to be a popular choice.

The main talking point, the V8, will hit a maximum of 382 BHP and 364lb ft of torque. An eight speed automatic gearbox suites the engine perfectly. It’s a sporty engine too, wanting the revs and handling them well.

At the same time the car is very quiet, adding to that luxury feel. When you want the car to be silent and comfortable, it will not let you down.

There are a few downsides to the vehicle however. This includes the slightly awkward design of the interior. Some elements of the car still feel out of date. The vehicle has not been heavily praised for its ability to deliver great handling.

Nevertheless the Lexus LS460 does have a wonderful following, with loyal customers. Many will believe that the pros outweigh the cons.

If you fancy one, prices start from £71,995. Its economy rating isn’t too bad, achieving 26.4 MPG. The top speed of the car is 155 MPH. You’d probably have to be a fan of the car if you want one.