The McLaren 570S Track Pack 0

the-mclaren-570s-track-packExciting news has emerged from the depths of darkest Woking: McLaren has announced they are doing a Track Pack for the 570S. It costs £16,500 – or about 1.8 Volkswagen Ups – in addition to the standard car’s £143,250 asking price.

So, what do you get for that? To put it bluntly, lots of good things. There is no more power, but if truth be told, the 570 doesn’t really need much more. It does weigh slightly less however, and there is more downforce.

25kg has been stripped from the 570S. All leather interior features have been replaced by Alcantara, the seats are made from carbon, and there are a new set of lightweight alloys. Downforce has been upped by 29kg at 150mph due to a gently re-profiled rear-wing that sits 12mm higher than the standard version.

Also included is McLaren’s telemetry system, the same as found on the 675LT and P1, a “Dark Palladium” contrast roof and a “strealth-finish” sports exhaust.

Despite these exciting modifications, the revamped ‘Track-Packed’ McLaren is still not high stakes enough to make it a GT3 RS rival. But it is closer than before. McLaren believe it will be perfect for owners “who enjoy occasional track day activity without compromising the car’s all-round usability”. So that means carpets, air-con and a stereo are still very much present.

The order book is now open; deliveries are expected to begin early 2017.

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